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Top 5 Small Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

December 17, 2014


There are a lot of helpful blogs available that, as an owner of a small business, you should be reading. Whether you’re after marketing, social media, tax, funding, or simple networking advice, these blogs can provide you and your team with essential support and guidance.

It would, of course, take you forever and a day if you were to scour the internet looking for the best blogs for small business advice. Fortunately we’ve done a lot of the web scouring for you and found the following 5 blogs, which we believe you should most definitely be reading.

  1. John Jantsch – Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is managed by John Jantsch, a marketing consultant, speaker and best-selling author. Through his blog he offers practical and no-nonsense advice to small and medium sized businesses from all over the world and helps them to create effective marketing plans with the purpose of helping them grow their business.

John is the main contributor to the blog, but he also welcomes contributions from other marketing and social media experts. What we particularly like about this blog is that these contributions are offered up in the shape of blog posts or via engaging pod casts which means if you don’t have time to sit, read and learn from the blog itself, you can listen to the podcasts instead.

John’s blog is well-renowned for providing real world, practical advice. There’s unlikely to be a small business anywhere in the world that could not learn something from this man. Duct Tape Marketing has been chosen as a Forbes favourite for marketing and small business, which in itself should be a sure sign that here is a blog you would benefit from reading.

Add to all this the fact that the blog is incredibly well written, is very engaging and finally, packed from top to toe with useful, interesting and enlightening marketing insights and guidance, you just can’t go wrong!

  1. Jim Connolly – Jim’s Marketing Blog

Jim Connolly is, unsurprisingly, the founder of Jim’s Marketing Blog. A renowned marketing expert, he has worked within the marketing industry for nearly 30 years and has run his own marketing business for nigh on 20 years. Globally recognised brands such as CNET, MSN and Fox News have all taken great interest in and interviewed him.

However, Jim’s key interest is in running his blog and assisting small business owners in growing their companies and he does so by helping them to increase their sales figures, therefore giving their profits a much-desired boost.

If you’re not yet reading his blog you are definitely missing a trick for it was ranked by the Guardian as the UK’s most influential marketing blog and has also appeared in the Top 10 Blogs/News Sites for Sales and Marketing by SAP, a world leader in enterprise software services.

Jim’s blog provides very clear marketing tips and ideas in a succinct and straightforward manner. If followed, they will no doubt help your business generate more leads. We also really like the fact he offers ‘pick my brain’ sessions, which you can arrange through his blog.  His advice can lead to more leads, which means increased sales and that, in turn, leads to a profit boost. Surely you can’t argue with that?

  1. Nicky Goringe Larkin – Goringe Accountants

Nicky Goringe Larkin runs Goringe Accountants, a firm that is based in Reading, Berkshire. Nicky is probably the most regular contributor to the Goringe Accountants blog, but her esteemed and well informed colleagues also add their own expert opinions and guidance every now and again, which we feel greatly adds to the appeal of this blog.

Nicky’s passion for helping small businesses is crystal clear right from the off; a fact that is further proven by her being Chair of the regional Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). She is absolutely dedicated to making sure small business get their voices are heard, as well as committed to providing small businesses with essential business advice.

Although the company is an accountancy, their blog focus is much wider and covers a great deal of general business topics, as well as tax and accountancy material too. All articles are written very clearly and are extremely accessible. By this we mean you don’t have to have a qualification in accounting to understand what is written on the blog.

Whether you’re after advice on business grants, corporation tax, small business tax or general advice on business networking, Nicky’s blog is sure to be able to help you out.

  1. Joanne Dewberry – Joanne Dewberry

Joanne Dewberry’s self-named blog is one of our favourites. There is no snobbiness or self-promotion to be found on this blog, despite Joanne being an extremely successful businesswomen, author, coach, and mother and, of course, blogger. She just puts the rest of us to shame!

A multi-award winning small business owner, Joanne set up her first business in 2008 (whilst pregnant). She went on to develop Networking Mummies UK with a friend but has now sold her half of the business in order to refocus her priorities.

Joanne now writes for a number of online channels, including Sage UK, offering practical business advice to those in desperate need of it. She is a proven business expert and set up her own blog in order to help and inspire other entrepreneurs to develop their hobbies and ideas and turn them into small and medium sized businesses with real potential.

The Joanne Dewberry blog covers a huge array of topics, from renting office space to branding issues and advice for coping with being a working mum. We love this blog. It’s down to earth, it’s accessible and you can really see the journey that Joanne’s been on to get her to the stage she’s at now; something which isn’t always clear with other successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Russell Bowyer – In Business Blog

Russell Bowyer operates the In Business Blog, having had nearly 20 years of running his own businesses and, as well as a business owner, is a well-respected  property investor, author and , of course, blogger. Other accolades include being a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser and he ran his own accounting practice for 10 years. You can therefore be assured that the advice you’re getting on this blog is accurate and, crucially, lawful!

Russell’s blog offers a huge amount of general business advice but he also focuses on reporting the latest news that might have an effect on small businesses and entrepreneurs, such as interest rate rises and the positives and negatives of being employed versus self-employment.

Russell’s blog features on our top 5 small business blogs to read list because it offers extremely valuable guidance from someone who has been there! Russell knows exactly what kind of issues and challenges you are going to come across, or are already experiencing and through his blog forewarns you, as well as guides you around the issues as and when needed.

His expert advice is offered freely and he welcomes interaction from his readers on his blog which is not something that you get every day! Take him up on his offer; if you want to interact with him you can do so straight away by posting a question or challenge on his blog, or he also welcomes private messages and will respond to you confidentially if required.

Starting up your own business is never going to be entirely straightforward. If you are struggling or in need of business guidance, use the resources above; these are all people who have an array of experience in the business world. Take advantage of their experiences, learn from the mistakes they have made and make sure that you make the most of the insights, tools and expert knowledge they offer on these blogs.