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Mobile Card Machines | Creating Business Opportunities Everywhere

September 29, 2019

Mobile card machines are vital to any small business. Today’s technology allows you to go mobile with your business and payment processes. This has opened doors for millions of businesses because payments can now be accepted virtually anywhere. Learn how card payment machines for small businesses in the UK are helping them gain big advantages.

In the past, most businesses were in a fixed, brick and mortar store. Customers could pay cash, credit or debit but only at the counter. However, technology has developed over time and now small businesses can accept payment on-the-go. A mobile card payment machine can help to facilitate this.

We live in a mobile society where commerce takes place almost everywhere and at the click of a button. It’s important for businesses to keep up with the changes to remain successful. We also live in an age of increasing customer service expectations when it comes to how they want to pay. Shoppers expect to be able to use card everywhere they go. 

Portable credit card machines for small businesses are helping satisfy a new generation of customers with easy, seamless payment experiences. Here are four advantages of accepting payments with a mobile card machine:

1/ Quick and easy

Accepting payment virtually anywhere is easier than ever thanks to bluetooth: for merchants, their staff and their customers. For your customers, it’s simple and familiar; they can tap their cards, just as they’ve done countless times before at traditional checkouts. 

2/ Mobile card machines are safe

If you previously did business on-the-go cash was the go-to payment method. But cash comes with its own set of risks and limitations. It needs to be properly stored, and it’s prone to loss and theft. Card payments are also much easier to track for accounting purposes. 

3/ Mobile payment acceptance expands your customer base

32% of people will walk away from a purchase if they can’t pay by card. Instantly, that’s a whole customer group that can’t shop with you if you don’t have a mobile card reader.  But even if a person does have cash, you are putting a limit on how much they can buy if you don’t offer a card payment service.If you offer non-cash payments, they will be able to spend more money with your business. 

Mobile card machines also help you expand your business to anywhere you want, whether this is a pop-up store, market stall, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that with mobile card machines you can take opportunities you may previously have had to turn down. 

4/ Mobile payment acceptance improves customer service

TRANSAX merchant services addresses a major customer pain point in-store: slow lines and long waits at checkout. We don’t like to wait and our lives are busier than ever. So when the customer is ready to go, it should be a quick and positive experience. Mobile card machines allow customers to make payment anywhere, this could mean staff throughout the store engaging with customers and adding to the overall customer experience.

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