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Contactless card machine | Best Option For A Small Business

December 16, 2019

Until recent years, accepting card payments had been expensive and arduous for small businesses. However, with cash purchases on the decline, and the number of card merchant services on the rise, accepting card payments has never been easier (or cheaper). But, what kind of card machine should you buy? How do you choose the right one for your business with so many card machines for sale?

Contactless card machine payments

A contactless card machine such as the ict250 is a very good place to start. Contactless payment is the fastest and most convenient payment method for customers. Therefore enabling this convenience will benefit your business.  

Pros of card machines for small businesses

  •  Increased profits — By 2024 debit cards are forecast to account for half of all payments in the UK.  This growth will be driven by the continuing rise of contactless payments, the ongoing growth of online shopping and the increasing acceptance of card payments amongst smaller businesses. This means that businesses that don’t accept card payments will be limiting their customer base.
  • Credibility — simply by having a card machine your business is automatically regarded as more trustworthy. Most people today will expect to card payment to be an option for them, if it’s not, your business can appear amateur. 
  • Enhanced customer experience — as previously mentioned, customers have come to expect the option to pay by card. This means if they can’t, their experience is a negative one. 

A contactless card machine offers a far better customer experience. A quick tap of a credit card is much more convenient for a customer than having to traipse somewhere looking for a cash machine. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer so you need to deliver a positive experience. 

  • Better cash flow — TRANSAX merchant services make sure the transfer of funds is quick and reliable. We know how important cash flow is to a small business so we prioritise a speedy transfer. 
  • Security—gone are the days when having large amounts of cash laying around is acceptable. Not only for security reasons but also for keeping your books in check and the tax office happy. A contactless card machine reduces the risk.

Contactless future

During 2018 there were 5.4 million consumers who almost never used cash at all, instead relying on cards and other payment methods to manage their spending. This statistic only highlights the importance of a contactless card reader for your small business. 

TRANSAX specialises in card machines for small businesses so if you’re looking for the right contactless card machine for your business, we can help. Call us today on 0345 601 4486. 

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