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Thinking About Going Cashless? Need A Business Card Reader? | Here’s What You Need To Know

August 21, 2019

In the UK the volume of cash removed from cash machines (ATMs) is falling fast, and more than half of all purchases are now made by card – even for small purchases such as a coffee or a beer. This means that even as a small business it’s in your best interest to get a credit card terminal. A business card reader will ensure you’re not missing out or excluding potential customers. 

The Stats

Surprisingly, thousands of small businesses still do not have a business card reader. As a result, they are missing out on sales from people who simply don’t carry cash anymore. According to a study conducted by Barclaycard Research, nearly 30% of shoppers will even walk away from a purchase if they cannot pay by card; that is a huge percentage of customers to lose all because you don’t have a small business card reader. Even more interesting, is that 20% of people will actively avoid businesses that do not accept card. Not accepting card also limits the shopper to the sum of cash they have in their pocket, whereas card payments allow the customer to spend as much as they want. 

The Benefits of a Business Card Reader

People tend to prefer paying by card, as it is a quick and convenient way to make a purchase. Card payments in the UK are showing no signs of slowing down, so as a small business it’s up to you to keep up with the times and maximise your customer base. This means jumping on board the cash free train and getting a business card reader.

TRANSAX Merchant Services makes installing card payment options into your business easy and affordable. There are some big advantages to offering a cash free option such as the speed of transactions, less time cashing up and making bank deposits and your potential for upselling, but the biggest advantage of all is having zero limitations on who can shop with you. 

What to Consider

 If you’re looking for a small business card reader, you may be worried about the fees associated with card transactions. Some businesses choose to build these fees into the cost of products but with our affordable plans you don’t need to take a hit on your profits. All your rental and transaction charges will be clearly displayed in the single statement we post to you every month.

 And remember, by offering a card payment option, you open up your customer base and increase average spend, which in turn will generate more profit overall.

The good news is that offering a cash free alternative is now easier than ever. Here at TRANSAX we offer three types of card machine; countertop card machines, portable card machines and mobile card machines. So you can choose the one that’s most convenient for your type of business

TRANSAX can help you

All our card machines are durable, smart and user-friendly. They accept all debit and credit card payments, plus other customer-winning services on many models. Including: cashback and mobile top-ups.

Britain has well and truly embraced a cashless society because of its ease and convenience, so if it’s time for you to take the jump then contact one of the country’s best card machine providers today. 

For more information about buying a business card reader, head to our website today. Or, call 0345 601 4486 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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