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Same Day Card Payment


Why wait 3 days or more for your money? With our same day card payments, you don’t have to.

With TRANSAX, we’ll pay you on the same working-day for your customers’ card transactions, straight into your bank account! No matter who you bank with, in the UK.

Faster funding is a critical factor for improved cashflow, for business growth and security. TRANSAX is here to help you do this. With our same working-day funding option, you can be rest-assured that your business will benefit with faster access to your funds.

Ideal, for any business that regularly transacts larger value payments, or which sees peaks and troughs in turnover, the next day option from TRANSAX can reduce borrowing costs, whilst providing access to your own money to pay suppliers and meet other essential or immediate business costs.

Same day payment is available with a wide choice of the latest card machines, using fast broadband, phone line or a SIM card – all at low cost rental.


  • No need to wait 3 or more days for your funds
  • Improved Cashflow
  • Reduced borrowing costs
  • Helps you pay for essential or immediate business costs

“Couldn’t believe how easy it was to switch. We didn’t have to do anything as the rep took care of the paperwork and installed the machine. Have to say it’s the best business decision I’ve made in years” (November 2015)

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