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Cheque Warranty

Accept Cheques with Confidence

With TRANSAX you can say goodbye to the losses and inconvenience from dishonoured cheques. TRANSAX Cheque Warranty service is the safer way to accept payment because if a cheque gets returned to you we pay you the full amount. You take the cheque, we take the risk.

Whenever you are offered a cheque, make a quick Freephone call and we’ll give you an answer almost immediately. No need to keep the customer waiting or hold onto the goods until the cheque is cleared.

And the service is good for all cheques – business or personal, for any amount. It’s ideal for large-ticket items and mail-order, or if you offer Cheque on Delivery. In fact, any time your customers pay by cheque, you can go ahead in confidence with TRANSAX Cheque Warranty.

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