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Cash Advance

Up to £150,000 to improve your business

Ever felt your premises deserve a makeover? Could you do with new equipment or stock? Want to advertise your business more?

With a Merchant Cash Advance you could receive up to £150,000 to invest as you wish in your business. TRANSAX have selected one of the most experienced providers of working capital in the business, United Kapital, to provide this service. They have supplied millions of pounds in funding to SMEs and independent retailers across the UK.

Pay as you get paid

Like us, United Kapital make life simpler for the smaller business. Merchant Cash Advance approvals are made within 24 hours and you’ll receive the cash in 10 days or less.

Best of all, the repayments of the lump sum and fees are done automatically through your card machine as you accept payment from customers. Each repayment is simply an agreed small percentage of each card transaction.

It means that you pay off more when business is good, and have less to pay if things slow down for a while.

Is it right for my business?

If your business does card transactions worth £3,500 or more each month and there’s at least one year remaining on your property lease (or you own your own business premises), then a Merchant Cash Advance could be well worth considering.

You can find out more by asking your Area Sales Manager for information, or get the ball rolling if you’re an existing customer by completing the enquiry form here.


TRANSAX Merchant Services is provided by FIS Payments (UK) Ltd, Registered in England, No.4215488. United Kapital Ltd is a separate, limited company (No. 6575165) that is registered with the Office of Fair Trading and holds a Consumer Credit Licence (number 644564). Merchant cash advance funding is provided by United Kapital and not FIS. If you are approved for funding, United Kapital will advance the cash to you and an agreed portion of your future card sales processed through your TRANSAX Merchant Services card machine will be paid to United Kapital Ltd.

“I like the reliability of knowing we’ve got a decent card machine and our customers aren’t going to have any problems with the payment going through” (November 2015)

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