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Additional Services

Added Value for you and your customers

At TRANSAX we like to give our customers more – and we’re sure you do too! That’s why we’ve put together a number of Added Value Services. Some are designed to help you attract and keep customers, some can help your business directly.

Contactless & Apple Pay

Contactless payments reduce transaction times by allowing customers to make payments of up to £30 with ‘tap and go’ technology and without the need to enter a PIN number. All our new machines include Contactless and Apple Pay as standard.  Find out more.


Offer cashback on debit card purchases, for repeat customer visits and increased spend. Cut down on cash in your premises whilst increasing customer loyalty.

Mobile Phone top-ups

Give your customers the benefit of topping-up their mobile phone and earn a commission every time.

Currency Conversion

Let foreign visitors pay in their own currency at a competitive rate of exchange. You receive a share of the commission.

Cheque Warranty

With a TRANSAX Cheque Warranty you can accept cheques of any value, knowing you’ll get paid in full whatever happens. Find out more.

Cash Advance

You could qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance of up to £150,000 – the ideal opportunity to improve your business the way you want. Find out more.

“Couldn’t believe how easy it was to switch. We didn’t have to do anything as the rep took care of the paperwork and installed the machine. Have to say it’s the best business decision I’ve made in years” (November 2015)

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