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5 Killer Sales Negotiation Strategies

December 22, 2015

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When two, or more, parties are negotiating, it is best to be on an equal playing field (although this might not always be the case). Since both sides want something from the other, it is important to be able to negotiate fairly and quickly, but how can you ensure this process goes smoothly?

1. Create a good relationship with the other party before proceeding

It’s always a good idea to establish a healthy professional relationship with the other party before entering into negotiations. This will allow you to find out what kind of person you are really dealing with and will hopefully help you create a smooth negotiation. Remember that they will also be scoping you out as well though, so it is always best to be as open and since as possible.

A relationship where each of you trusts the other is important for a smooth negotiation and will help you both get what you are truly after, ensuring the negotiation can be claimed a success!

2. Be genuine, at all times

When it comes to negotiating it is always better to be sweet than sour (give them honey rather than vinegar). However, you need to ensure the sweetness you are giving is real. You must be genuine in negotiations, otherwise you will not only create a bad name for yourself but you will also be putting yourself at risk of the other party seeing through you and cause them to stop the negotiation process.

3. Think about both sides, not just your own win

You will obviously have your own best interests at heart; this is only natural. However, if you enter into negotiations thinking of only what you have to gain, then you will never be a great negotiator. You need to be thinking of everyone’s needs, not just your own.

Ensure you get your creative juices flowing and make sure you are always thinking of the bigger picture. Not only will this ensure you end up getting what you want, but that the other parties do too, which will please everyone and make sure future negotiations take place.

4. Always be the bigger person

Negotiations can, at times, become very childish. This obviously helps no one! When you are entering into the negotiation process, make sure that you always try to be the bigger person, the adult! If other parties start to show their childish side, be sure not to join in. Try to maintain the balance and bring people back to a calm, focused discussion.

5. Always respect the relationship

Respecting the relationship usually means “don’t push it!” Negotiations have a rhythm, so you don’t want to do or say anything that could possibly ruin it. Always think before you say or do anything and remember that silence can, at times, be extremely powerful. Don’t rush the proceedings, take your time and make sure you are not rushed. Appreciate the natural rhythm of the proceedings and you’ll find the negotiations move along a lot smoother.

In summary, you have to realise that negotiation is all about the relationship. The better the relationship you have with the parties you’re dealing with, the more successful the negotiation will be.

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