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10 Tips For Creating A Successful Company Culture

November 27, 2015


When you are starting up a company, you have to be excited, not only with the product or service you’re going to be selling but at the prospect of running your own startup. If you, as the entrepreneur behind the great idea, can’t show excitement and commitment, it will send out huge warning signs to anyone looking to potentially invest. 

The wiliest investors will always insist on meeting the team and seeing how the company works before giving you any money. This is just due diligence and an investor’s way of making sure you aren’t hiding anything, i.e. fear, desperation, poor company culture etc.

So, how can you make sure you create the very best company culture so that when the right investor comes along, they jump at the chance to work with you?

1. Recruit the right people

Recruitment can be a lengthy and frustrating process but it is worth it. It’s not always easy to find the right people to fit your company. They might well be the cleverest or the best in their field, however, this is not to say their attitude or values will match yours. Take time to ensure the people you hire are your kind of people otherwise you will never create the company culture you’re after.

2. Make sure your employees are on the same page as you

Anyone can write up a vision and mission statement but actually getting employees to believe in such things are much harder. You have got to live and breathe your vision and mission on a daily basis; this will make sure both are at the forefront of your team’s minds every single working day. This, in turn, will ensure the culture you’re after is solidified.

3. Ensure you give your team the opportunity to learn and develop

Every single person that works for you needs to know that they will learn at your company; that they will have the chance to grow and fulfil their own hopes and dreams, not just yours. You should focus on building a team of people who want to learn and make sure you give them the training they need, as well as access to mentors. This will ensure you keep the best people at your own company instead of forcing them to look elsewhere for development opportunities.

4. Make sure you do as you say…

You might have heard the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do” but you need to avoid this. You very much need to act and do the right thing; act how you expect your team to act. If your team sees inconsistencies between what you say and what you do, it will cause trouble and discontent! A good culture requires consistency.

5. Give people the chance to excel in what they are best at

Even though you founded the company, you will not be the expert in every field. So, from marketing to financing, you need to make sure you have a head who knows what they are doing. Don’t try to manage it all, simply do what you are best at and let them do the same. Although, obviously you will still need to have an overview! If you give people the chance to excel, they will do you proud.

6. Put on team-building events and activities

A lot of people try and avoid team-building events in fear of them being awkward and cheesy, however, if you find the right activity, you will find it extremely valuable! Team-building helps people understand each other better and identifies the things people are best and weakest at. This will not only ensure you choose the right team member for each specific work activity but will add to your company culture too.

7. Encourage innovation in the workplace

A winning company culture will always be one that fosters a sense of creativity. You need to make sure your team members are not scared to put forward their ideas and innovations. You also need to ensure you put some of these innovations in place, since this will show your team you’re willing to adapt and accept their ideas, which, in turn, will lead to further innovations which can’t help but improve your business.

8. Benchmark your organisation against others in your sector

When you are looking at yours and your employees’ performance, make sure that you are able to compare it to how other organisations are performing. Just don’t compare each team within your company to each other’s. Internalising such things may create inner tensions and will not help you develop the good company culture you crave.

9. Make your team proud to work at your company

If someone is proud to work for you, they will stay longer and work harder. This can only be a good thing! Make sure you publicise the good work you and your team does, effectively since this will be picked up by media and the public, which will buoy up your team members. Any investors checking out your company will easily spot if your team is happy/ proud and this will encourage them to invest.

10. Work hard to create a legacy!

This is easier said than done but well worth working towards. A good team will help you do this and sooner or later you will see that the culture of your company and its future has become a central focus for you and your team. This will lead to people working harder since they feel more invested in the business and then, hopefully, you’ll see profits start to soar!

A successful company culture will not happen as fast as you might like. It is something you will have to work hard at but you can do it and it will all be worth it when an investor you are really keen on sees what you’ve got and wants to invest! Good luck!

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